Links with Unions

The Hospital has a strong working relationship with the local Union representatives


  • UNISON represents and acts for members working in a range of public services and utilities
  • We represent members, negotiate and bargain on their behalf, campaign for better working conditions and pay and for public services. We protect and secure fair pay and terms and conditions, high quality employment, and pensions for UNISON members, promoting equality and challenging discrimination, supporting migrant workers, and promoting UNISON's alternative.
  • We develop our public service campaigns in support of quality public services, in defence of the NHS, and all public services, building our political influence, forging alliances with unions, appropriate campaigning and community groups to challenge the austerity programme, including challenging the attacks on the welfare state. We campaign for the election of governments in Westminster, and the devolved nations, which value public services and working people, rejecting the arguments of UKIP and other far-right parties.
  • We ensure that the union's structures including organisational, lay member, ICT infrastructure and internal management systems are efficient and effective to meet the changing needs of all sections of the union and its members.

UNISON membership gives you essential cover, wherever you work. Our full range of benefits includes:

Ring Dawn, Branch Secretary, on 07805 545 937



Unite the Union is the largest trade union in the UK and Ireland with around 1.42 million members across 20 different private, public and voluntary sectors including manufacturing, public services, transport, food, finance and construction.


Below are 10 good reasons why you should join Unite.

  1. You can earn more - trade union members earn, on average 10 percent more than non-members.
  2. You could get more holiday - Unions are the people that brought you the weekend. Unite campaigns to protect your holiday entitlements.
  3. You can get a better deal – Unite negotiates terms of maternity or paternity leave, pensions, and redundancy winning you more than the legal minimum.
  4. You are less likely to be injured – there are 50 percent fewer accidents in unionised workplaces. Unite works to ensure employers protect employees from risks to their health and safety.
  5. Support whenever you need it – Without the backing of a union you could face £1,200 in fees should you need to take your employer to a tribunal. Unite gives free advice, support and legal representation to all its members so they never have to face problems alone.
  6. In or out of work, there is a place for you – Unite Community offers a place for all those out of work, studying or retired - meaning that you are always part of something bigger.
  7. You get more - and better - training – union members are more likely to get on with better training and development. Unite has fully trained learning reps to help you update your skills. 
  8. You can get better compensation – in 2013, a record £330 million was won for union members and their families through legal help, and £1 million in equal pay claims - an average of £15,000 per member.
  9. Better job security – trade union members are more likely to stay in their jobs longer - on average, five years more than non-members.
  10. Being part of the fight for fairness - from defending our NHS to fighting for decent homes to campaigning against discrimination.

At the GEH hospital Unite have:

  • Health and safety representatives
  • Work place representatives
  • We also have access to professional officers for advice

For any issues or info on unite please contact (in the first instance);
Frank Finn
Branch secretary

Member of National OPC
SD 1178

Find us on the web or on twitter at @unitetheunionwm6822