Our Vision and Values

Our Vision:

Our values, developed by our staff, are key to the way in which we deliver our services. They are our driving force and will help us to achieve our aim: "to EXCEL at Patient Care".

Our core value pledges:

  • Effective open communication
  • EXcellence and safety in everything we do
  • Challenge but support
  • Expect respect and dignity
  • Local health that inspires confidence

Our Strategic objectives:

  • To EXCEL at patient care, providing services across the full spectrum of primary, secondary and community care. As an organisation led by our core values we always put the patient first.
  • To work as part of the wider health and social care system providing integrated and networked care focusing on the needs of our patients
  • To drive forward on new models of care and innovative solutions to the wider health care system. We will ensure local services for local people are maintained and enhanced
  • To ensure that our patients continue to be at the centre of everything we do and that the care that they receive is safe, responsive, effective and high quality in the right place, every time

Chief Executive Updates:

There are a number of ways in which staff can receive information about the Trust. These include:

  • Written team brief which is emailed to all Department Managers monthly, for onward distribution to all staff
  • 'Video Blog' which is uploaded to the staff intranet and emailed to all staff monthly
  • 'At a Glance' : These twice weekly emails are sent to all staff and contain the latest news from around the Trust.
  • 'Bleep' magazine: This quarterly magazine is a round up of the latest news and events from around the Hospital and community
  • Staff Intranet: The intranet is the easiest way to find out about the latest policies, documents, news and events happening around the Trust